Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Welcome Back Farewell

Looking back, I'm amazed that after posting regularly for 5 years, I managed to drop off the face of the planet in such a hurry. Most Bloggers fade, with the spacing between posts expanding at an exponential fashion until they recognize that, intentional or not, they've hung up their keyboard. But it looks like I disappeared. Only fascinating because I'm very much here.

So for some explanation. In August 2007, I gave notice to my previous employer and joined a friend in the rollercoaster world of self employment. I moved from New Jersey to Washington Heights, New York, closer to my friends and new job. And I started dating the girl who is now my wife.

I don't know why I now chose to pop back and let you know where I've been. But I have read every comment posted along the way, even if my writing skills have gotten dusty. One thing I can assure you is I haven't changed much...

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