Friday, February 21, 2003

The web is designed for people. Go figure. And today's lesson in capitalism teaches...if you want to make a buck, you better sell to your customer's needs. The web gives a lot of power, making it easy to make tons of information widely accessible. As my parents might say, "with power comes responsibility." There are a lot of ways to absolutely confuse website viewers.

Like a city planner, as a web designer, you must take into account the many different constituents that will be passing through your "town." Some are visiting, while others will be calling it home. Therefore you must make accomodations for the expert user as well as the bumbling tourist. Just like street signs and address numbers, as well as maps, make confusing urban layouts navigable, so, too, website must make everything clear and organized, enabling all interested parties to gain full benefit from its contents.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Class, It happens once a week. So why can't I handle showing up every time? There's no excuse. Of course, I don't do so intentionally. I mean, I'm paying big bucks (OK, so my parents are) for this education. Not for sleeping.

I guess I face a steep learning curve. I better get my climbing shoes on!

It all seems soooo easy.

Type a little, and suddenly your resume is available to thousands of employers. It's the Yeshiva Bochur's dream- your parents (or Kallah) demand you find immediate employment - so you take 5 minutes to post your resume to the internet, and *BAM* you can tell them to stop nagging, because, hey, you're trying. If Gd wants it to be, it'll happen.

It's a tough market. Everyone's looking, and nobody's hiring. It's so easy to post on the internet that everybody is trying it. Employers are being flooded. What's worse, the more they rely on search engines to choose which potential recruits get interviews, the harder it is for possible employees to differentiate themselves in meaningful ways to the recruiter. It all comes down to fooling the computer. Well maybe that's just the wave of the future.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Organization, organization, organization.

It's pretty clear from Chapter One what the number one concern of a webpublisher needs to to make money! No, seriously, clarity is the key to a good website. A good planner needs to think out all aspects of the website. While the relative ease of webpublishing makes it tempting to rush into going online, to be successful, time must first be taken to plan. There are many aspects of webdesign that are commonly overlooked.

I would think that in my website I want to consider my target audience in considering what type of page I want to have. Since my audience is my classmates, I will want my website to be humorous. Specifically, I would like to see it elicit uncontrollable laughter, possibly leading to loss of fluid control

Gd bless the seven crew members of the Columbia space shuttle. They gave their lives to further the understanding of the world around us. My first reaction was - this can't be true. The Rabbi made an announcement during prayers that the shuttle had exploded, and I couldn't believe that a shuttle trip I had followed from the beginning hadn't made it. I recalled the Challenger explosion of 1986, which I vividly remembered from 1986, exactly 17 years before. I also remembered watching a shuttle lunch from a hotel parking lot at 4 in the morning during a family trip. I also recalled the attack of September 11th. I didn't know how to feel

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